By accepting this offer you accept our terms & conditions


1.1 Music Essentials undertakes to provide the services described in the Offer in relation with the Event organized by the Counterparties. Any amendment of the Offer’s terms must be agreed in writing by the Parties.

1.2 Music Essentials shall choose at its discretion and depending on their availability, its personnel and partners, including the DJ, to provide the services in accordance with the Offer. No representation is made or a commitment is undertaken with respect to the availability of a specific employee or partner and any change in these persons shall be made without prior notice to the Counterparties.

1.3 Modification by the Counterparties for any reason, including cases of force majeure or accidental events, of the location and / or site/venue and / or date and / or time of the Event and / or the configuration and installation of the equipment, can be made only with the prior written consent of Music Essentials, taking into account the availability of its equipment and personnel, and may result in adjusting the time of engagement of its personnel and increase of the Remuneration. In case no agreement is reached and the Offer is cancelled and / or the present agreement is terminated by the Counterparties, clause 4 of this agreement shall apply.

2.Obligations of the Counterparties

2.1Counterparties must contact the venue where the Event will take place and ensure that the site will be unrestricted from any previous event and available to the personnel of Music Essentials, for sufficient time, as determined and notified in advance by Music Essential, before the beginning of the Event, unless otherwise specified in the Offer.

2.2 The Counterparties, in consultation with those in charge of the Event venue, must ensure that there is adequate, reliable and safe power supply and voltage for the operation of Music Essentials’ equipment, and that the necessary measures have been taken to ensure uninterrupted power supply in case of power failure.
2.3In addition, Counterparties must ensure in consultation with those in charge of the Event venue, that the equipment, including sound and lighting apparatus, mounts and cables will be protected, especially from any kind of loss or theft as well as from weather conditions, such as rain and strong winds.

2.4 In the event that no measures have been taken from the Counterparties in accordance with the above clause, or the measures taken are not sufficient, Music Essentials shall adapt, at its sole discretion, the configuration of the equipment to the site, even if it does not meet the specifications of the Offer, taking into account the safety of guests, its personnel and equipment. No reduction of the Remuneration will be made in this case. In cases of equipment theft or damages created by insufficient measures taken by the venue or organiser to protect equipment, the costs to replace or repair the equipment will burden the client.

2.5 Finally, the Counterparties must ensure i) that the Event venue and the installation and use of the equipment described in the Offer during the Event comply with any police, health or other provision of law, and ii) the issuance of any necessary permit. Music Essentials will comply immediately with any decision, instruction or order of the competent authority before or during the Event, in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

3.4 The Remuneration is payable as follows:
30% of the Remuneration within 1 days after the execution of the present agreement. Payment of the advance payment is required to reserve the date of the Event and is due for the services of design of the preparation of the Event as well as the maintenance and availability of the equipment.
30% of the Remuneration no later than three (3)months before the Έvent.
The remaining 40% of the Remuneration no later than 10 days before the Event.
3.5 In case of failure to properly or fully pay of the Remuneration or the Expenses, as stipulated above, Music Essentials reserves its right to refrain from providing any of its services and seek any further damages.

3.6. The agreed Remuneration is valid for services provided by Music Essentials until 5 o’clock in the morning of the day after the scheduled date of the Event, provided that the venue of the Event does not cease its operation earlier. A total of 8 hours of service is included in the offer for technical support and music services, beyond that overtime charges are 20 eur per hour per technician.

4.Cancellation of the Event

4.1 In case of cancellation of the Event by the Counterparties, for any reason, including the reasons of force majeure or accidental events, and / or termination of the present Agreement by the Counterparties, the amount of the advance payment shall not be refunded.

4.2 In any case of cancellation of the Event by the Counterparties, for any reason, including the reasons of force majeure or accidental events, and / or termination of the present Agreement by the Counterparties ten (10) days or less before the Event, the full amount of the Remuneration is due.

5.Intellectual property rights

5.1 The final configuration of the lighting of the Venue, before and during the Event is a work owned by Music Essentials.

6.Personal data

Music Essentials shall process personal data of the Counterparties, such as name and surname, physical and electronic address, invoice details etc., in accordance with the applicable and national legislation, for the purposes of fulfilling its contractual obligations from the present agreement and the provision of its services for the Event, as well as for the purpose of complying with its lawful obligations, including tax and insurance law. Personal data of the Counterparties which will be collected for these purposes, will be maintained in Music Essentials’ records for two (2) years after the Event. The Counterparties may address to Music Essentials for the exercise of their rights provided under the law.


7.1 Music Essentials is liable for its acts or omissions and the acts and omissions of its vicarious agents due to willful misconduct or gross negligence. Any further liability is hereby excluded.

7.2 The Counterparties are liable and shall indemnify Music Essentials for any damages, including loss of profits, due to their acts or omissions, as well as acts or omissions of their vicarious agents, their guests, the business operating the venue of the Event and any third party involved in the organization and performance of the Event, as well as for any violation of the present agreement and the applicable laws. In the event that any administrative or other fines are imposed on Music Essentials during the Event, which is due to acts or omissions of the Counterparties and/or the aforementioned persons, the Counterparties undertake to indemnify Music Essentials. In any case, Music Essentials reserves the right to discontinue the provision of its services even during the Event in case of non-compliance of the Counterparties with the terms of this Agreement.


8.1 The non-timely exercise by any of the Parties of the rights arising from this Agreement or by law, does not constitute an amendment of this Agreement or a tacit waiver of said right.

8.2 If, for any reason, any of terms of the present Agreement is held null and void, this will not affect the other terms which shall remain valid and enforceable.

8.3 Any amendment of the present shall be made only in writing.

8.4 The present agreement is governed by Greek law. The Courts of Athens are solely competent to resolve any dispute arising in connection with the present Agreement.