lighting design

Lighting is the visual backbone of any event

Creativity to transform your space!

Lighting is the visual backbone of any event. We always aim for creative light solutions which comes with the combination of our technology and our creativity. With our intelligent lighting design we create magnificent atmosphere and light up your event. For example we offer:

  • Party lighting (LED moving heads, laser shows)
  • Romantic lighting (String lights, lanterns, jars)
  • Architectural lighting (LED wash light and flood light)
  • TV/Theatrical Production lighting (source four luminaires: fresnel & pars)

Of course, we couldn’t forget mentioning all our customized light solutions such as our signature ‘light jars’ or our ‘creative bulbs’. Challenge us and we will come up with an innovative solution and find the way to make it happen in the most cost effective way!

Cutting edge Lighting Technology

Our LED based lights guarantee high brightness, vivid colours and unlimited tones. Our latest addition have been the battery based lights. Being battery based means no ugly wires and therefore a better aesthetic result but also since no power is needed these lights can be placed literally everywhere!

Our lighting design covers as well spectacular HD projections either via laser shows or video mapping. Of course we provide LED walls/screens and custom monogram projections for weddings or corporate events.

Are you ready to make your upcoming event unforgetable?

At music essentials we provide way beyond the essentials. We have the experience and technology to make your dreams come true.